Resources Books

  1. Uropathy The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy ... a book by Martin Lara.
  2. The Golden Fountain by Coen van der Kroon
  3. The Miracles of Urine-Therapy a book by Dr. Beatrice Bartnett Amaroli by Sw. Shankadevanda of the Satyananda Yoga Academy.
  4. Books on Urine-Therapy - Beekman Publishers online.
  5. Books on Urine-Therapy - Kornax Enterprises USA. Aggarwal Book Center Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Sites (to visit)

  1. Urine Therapy - Shirleys Wellness Cafe A Web Directory for Urine Therapy Helping People Survive Online includes part of Damar Tantra. Uroterapia a Mexican Site in Spanish, English Italian, French. Information on fasting too.
  2. Chinese Assn. of Urine Therapy Articles (to read) Damar Tantra an extract from this ancient text on Amaroli. Urine-Therapy and Cancer a scientific paper.
  3. Tibetan Urine Analysis - how to diagnose yourself by examining the output.
  4. Dr. B. V. Khare - Nothing Unscientific about Urine Therapy.
  5. Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christie - includes a rheumatoid arthritis cure.
  6. Urine-Therapy - a natural alternative that works.
  7. Urine-Therapy - an article by Michael Braunstein.
  8. Biomedx - Your bodies own medicine.
  9. Just a Glass a day keeps the Doctor away - by Jeff Langley.
  10. Making Your Own Medicine - by Roy Oakes. Health Library - How to practise Urine Therapy.
  11. Urine & Urea Therapy - by Walter Last.


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