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This practice comes from Yoga and is the use of one's own urine as food, medicine, restorative, transforming agent and immune system booster. It is sometimes called 'Your Own Doctor'. Amaroli is very simple to do and increases the power of the immune system, strengthens the Aura and improves skin health. Spiritual aspirants will find that the mind is less inclined to behave like a monkey, spiritual energy is kept high, and progress towards samadhi is smoother. If the practitioner has a Yoga practice and an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, Amaroli becomes more effective. Yogis are recommended to drink in the mornings between 4 - 6 am. The hormone content of the urine assists in achieving a meditative state. A good case can be made that this practice is the basis of Soma and that the right foods and herbs in the diet can modify the urine to achieve altered states. History Amaroli has been used for healing and spiritual purposes in Ayurveda and Yoga since before recorded history. Cultural notions of acceptable practice have prevented its widespread knowledge. Perhaps Amaroli will never gain wider acceptance, but the effects will amaze the person who takes up the path, whether for health or spiritual goals.

Now this knowledge is freely available on the Internet, and individuals can gain the knowledge independently, without needing a personal guide. Many excellent books are available on the subject. The first writings known are in the Damar Tantra. This Tantra was originally passed down orally and is said to have been first recited by Shiva to his disciple Parvati. In it is a section of 107 verses detailing the technique and its benefits. When reading the English translation from the original Sanskrit please keep in mind that Sanskrit words often have many meanings, and have no direct equivalent in English. eg. the term Prana, which has no English equivalent.

You can read the Tantra in these books- The Golden Fountain - by Coen van der Kroon. This is a readily available book and I recommend it. Amaroli - by Sw. Shankadevanda of the Satyananda Yoga Academy. Also recommended highly. This book is from a Yoga school promoting the use of Amaroli. or read an extract here. Urine We all commence life in the womb where we float in Amniotic Fluid. This fluid fills our lungs, and bathes the skin. It is the urine that we make while in the womb. Urine is a sterile, antiseptic fluid excreted by the kidneys. It is the excess nutrients, metabolites and water from the blood plasma. It is not a waste product. Waste products are eliminated through the skin, lungs and digestive system. The Technique Internally Urine is taken as a food and spiritual sadhana. It enhances the immune response, is a skin tonic and increases the supply of Prana and Ojas.


'Urine passed at any time of the day may be drunk but the best urine is the mid-stream urine passed just after getting up in the morning. Collect the Urine you pass after rising each morning, rejecting a little at the beginning and the end. The amount, colour and taste will vary according to your diet and lifestyle. Immediately drink it. You may then take a little water to follow. Do not eat for at least half an hour after drinking. This is the main practice. You may start by taking a small amount, as little as a few drops in some warm water then increasing the amount gradually. When you see the excellent effects of the practice then you will eagerly drink it all. Constitution determines the effects that Amaroli has on you. Vata types get great benefit from the practice, Pitta types can get excellent results, but Kapha types may not notice much change and only need to do it occasionally. Those in the change-over periods of teenage and menopause years will benefit greatly. Those older than 40 years will also benefit greatly.

Side Effects

Amaroli mobilises toxins within the body and causes the immune system to attack them. This can cause various symptoms such as inflammation, fever, eruptions etc. If you are ill and or on drugs, caution is advised. Start with a few drops in water and work up to the full practice over months. Stop if side effects are unpleasant. These side effects will cease when the immune system has destroyed the toxins. Drugs. Caution is advised. Do not stop the drugs but instead start Amaroli slowly with a few drops in water daily. Increase slowly and reduce the drugs as you progress if you are able to. Keep in touch with yourself and do not attempt to force yourself forward. Maintain Amaroli daily and go at your own pace, reducing it if necessary. Once the full practice is reached and side effects have disappeared, you should have no more major problems apart from occasional releases of toxins from hard-to-shift deposits.

Ayurvedic Diet

This diet minimises toxins and further enhances the power of the immune system. Ojas is increased and thus the urine contains more valuable biochemicals. Many of these biochemicals are made by the intestinal flora. When these symbiotic bacteria are looked after well then you will have excellent health. Using Ayurvedic principles you can design your own diet for maximum performance and long life. Yoga A daily Yoga practice helps to keep the body in good shape, mobilises toxins and enhances the immune system. Prana and Tejas are regulated too. A meditation of 15 minutes daily is proven to increase immune response. Children Should not be put on the full practice unless they actively ask for it of their own free will. A homeopathic type of Amaroli may be given instead during illness and recovery... eg. a few drops under the tongue daily or a few drops in a warm drink. There are other techniques which use urine passed during the day and also urine as part of a fasting regime. You are referred to other sites and books for information on these practices. Urine can also be used to cleanse the stomach, lungs, sinuses and nasal passages in the Yoga practices of Neti and Kunjal Kriyas. In the Damar Tantra the effects of taking many herbs, spices and minerals, together with urine, in an Ayurvedic diet, are described.

Externally Urine is used to bathe the skin and treat infections, wounds, and skin diseases. The urine used for this purpose can be aged. Modern research seems to indicate that fresh urine is acceptable for massage. However the Damar Tantra instructions say that use of fresh urine externally will cause muscle wasting. It recommends boiled urine. The whole body can be massaged or just part. Leave the urine on for as long as possible, even overnight. Then wash off with warm water. The body will smell pleasant and feel clean and rejuvenated. Do not use soaps, shampoos etc. when doing urine massage. They are un-necessary, toxic and urine has a cleansing effect by itself. After washing sesame oil may be applied to dry skins for extra protection. Three strategies for massage externally... Use fresh urine. Use aged urine. Collect, place in a dark bottle, stopper and keep for at least four days in a cool, dark place. Use boiled urine. Collect, and then boil in a stainless steel pot until reduced to 25% of original volume. The Theory First it is necessary for a little Ayurvedic background to be covered. To understand how this theory works, an Ayurvedic training is useful. If you would like to educate yourself, download the Beginners Course. Disease & Ahamkara..... All disease originates from ignorance or emotional imbalance of the mind. This allows the entry of foreign material into the body. Ahamkara is the name of that part of the brain in control of your body. Ahamkara controls the three defence systems of the body - Aura, Skin & Immune System. When Ahamkara becomes weakened, she loses control, the defence systems malfunction, and toxins accumulate and cause disturbance and disease. Urine contains the excess Ojas that the body cannot store. By placing the urine in the digestive system you enable the body to use this store of Ojas during the day, when it runs short. Anything it does not need can then be excreted via the bowels. Amaroli strengthens the immune system, by increasing Ojas. The compound Urea present in urine seems to be a tonic for the skin and is used in many cosmetics. A quantum leap in skin health will be noticed on commencement of the practice. Colds and flu will no longer strike or be only minor ills, from which you will recover quickly. Ayurveda and Yoga greatly increase the effectiveness of Amaroli, by loading up the urine with Ojas, removing toxins from the body, increasing and distributing Prana, and controlling Tejas. On a combined program you will feel excellent all day, have no 'down' periods and work efficiently. You will seldom suffer from illness and live a long life with all faculties intact to the end. Yogis will make faster progress along the path to self-realization on a combined program.

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